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What Industry Professionals Are Saying About Us...

(CPN co-founder) Scott Weingold is ranked the #1 “College Financial Aid Expert Worth Knowing About” in the entire country.

~ CollegeStats.Org – a completely independent college statistical data resource site for families



The College Planning Network is truly a one-stop shop for information and guidance on all of the components that comprise the college search and application process. Students and their families have access to an incredible range of resources that address everything from standardized test preparation and the financial aid process to major and career exploration. CPN only hires experts in the field to counsel families, so you are guaranteed to work with knowledgeable, helpful, and above all caring professionals. I have worked in admissions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 10 years and would recommend this company to any family who is looking for additional help to navigate this often overwhelming process.

~ Ginny Valentin, M.Ed.



After working with high school students and their families for a decade, it is refreshing to know that College Planning Network exists. The information, resources, and tools they offer are top notch. Families trying to navigate the college admissions process are in excellent hands because of the wealth of knowledge and support that comes with being a client of CPN. This is a company that truly puts its clients first, which is wonderful to see.

~ Rachel Wilson, Counselor



We all know that providing a high level of customer service should be a top priority within any successful organization. The professional team at the College Planning Network works tirelessly to accommodate the myriad of needs of their valued customers which includes the counselor interviewers that work for CPN. As a CPN counselor, I have greatly appreciated the time and support given by the CPN team of professionals in helping to assist me in providing quality services to students and their parents. The College search process can often cause undue anxiety to parents going through it for the first time. The College Planning Network has a highly effective system for both relieving that anxiety and producing the necessary results. It is very rewarding to be associated with such a dedicated organization that provides outstanding services to their clientele.

~ Dan Donegan, Career Services Coordinator



For the past 35 years, I have had the privilege of working with students and families in Central Virginia as a public school teacher, school principal, assistant superintendent of schools, and now as an independent college counselor. Both as an educator and as the father of two college graduates, I am well aware of how daunting and sometimes stressful the college application and financial aid processes can be. It is exactly because I have that knowledge that I am so proud to be working as a college counselor with the College Planning Network.

Better than any of the many organizations that I have knowledge of, or experience with CPN takes a student-centered approach to college admission and financial planning. Our goal is not help families gain admission to the "best " school. Rather, by gaining deep knowledge of students' strengths , interests, and needs, CPN is always striving to identify the schools that will provide the best fit for our students.

CPN recognizes that there is no one size that will fit all in the college search process. From essay editing to resume and application review, and financial aid assistance, CPN's services are comprehensive and targeted to meet the needs of each individual. Those services are provided by professionals who not only highly knowledgeable but highly committed to their students.

~ Bill Craig, Craig College Counseling, Richmond, Virginia



In the fast paced digital information world we live in, every college and university claims to be the "best". There is no "best" school, but there is a "perfect fit" school for every student. Helping students find the perfect fit school is the goal of every staff member at College Planning Network. With decades and decades of experience, the staff at College Planning Network is the best in the industry in helping students and their families navigate through the college admissions process. In my twenty years as a college admissions officer, I have worked with dozens of private college admissions counselors and companies and no one is more competent and compassionate than the people at College Planning Network.

~ Andrea Terry, Michigan State University



The desire of my heart is to help families through the college planning process. In order to reach these families I often have to rely on them to find me through the institution I work for. As a counselor for the College Planning Network I know I am reaching so many more students and truly helping them through the process of finding the "right" college fit. The College Planning Network allows students and parents to obtain excellent information that every family should have early in the process so they can navigate the sometimes challenging road of college visits, applications, SAT/ACT testing, and financial aid. If you utilize the experts in the College Planning Network you will find yourself knowledge and wisdom rich for the road ahead.

~ Sarah Zwinger, M.S. Director of Admissions at Waynesburg University



I work as a college counselor at a large public high school and as an interviewer for College Planning Network. I meet with students and parents everyday who feel college admissions, scholarship, and financial aid is a puzzle. Even with attentive guidance counselors, these families often need added support. This is where CPN comes in. Students and parents receive added one-on-one attention in addition to their high school counselor. CPN supports high school programs, working with guidance counselors instead of against them. Often times, families need more reinforcement regarding college admission steps and decisions. The CPN experts give them that confidence and attention. College Planning Network is a valuable service in today's competitive admission and scholarship world.

~ Ann Herbener, college counselor, Papillion-La Vista High School