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CPN is the nation’s largest and most reputable provider of college admissions, funding and financial aid planning services.  We've helped thousands of families send their children to their dream colleges – while making paying for it more easily affordable.

CPN has helped over
families send their children to college
CPN has helped students apply for admission and financial aid at over
colleges across the country
CPN's families have received an average of
in college financial aid
CPN has negotiated an average of
per family in additional aid through appeals

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College Planning Network co-founder Scott Weingold was ranked the #1 "College Financial Aid Expert" in the U.S. by

What Families Are Saying

“CPN has reduced the amount of stress associated with the entire college process.”

We have just begun working with CPN. Already we have received help that we would not have known about. We received information on how to reduce our estimated family contribution. We also have access to the DISCOVER program, which is a great resource for our daughter in researching colleges and writing a resume. CPN suggested … Read more

“I have been very pleased with the level of service I have received from CPN…”

Jodi, Thanks for your prompt responses to all of my questions. I have been very pleased with the level of service I have received from CPN since enrolling last week. Have a great week! Barb

“By lowering our EFC we have saved our family thousands of dollars in college funding.”

When we listened to The College Planning Network’s Tele-Workshop, we knew it was different than other seminars we had attended before that simply told us how to fill out the dreaded FAFSA and when to do it. The presenter was knowledgeable and gave many “free” tips and techniques in the Tele-Workshop. After an hour of … Read more

“I am very impressed with the service that CPN has provided my clients”

Kristen: I am very impressed with the service that CPN has provided my clients and I wanted to personally thank you as well for the Great Follow up!! Thank you very much!! I appreciate the hard work and quick responses you have performed for me. Harold W.

“The approach CPN utilizes is a personal and a very thorough review, taking into consideration all of the aspects of the search process…”

As a family with 2 children, the cost of high school has been a significant burden upon the financial picture and being able to ‘make-ends-meet’. When our older daughter was ready for college, we were advised to consider the services of The College Planning Network, and I am so glad that we took the time … Read more

“…Having professionals work with my son, energize him, and help navigate him towards the college admission process has been very valuable.”

With two students in high school, the thought of having them enter college back to back was keeping me up at night. After attending a free Tele-Workshop and talking with The College Planning Network, I was able to relax, listen to their advice, and face the next several years with the knowledge that I have … Read more

“Simply put, they took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money…”

Good friends recommended The College Planning Network to my wife and me. They conveyed a sense of relief at having experienced professionals handle the college funding process from start to finish. It can be overwhelming. My wife and I, too, have been very happy with the decision to utilize their services. We found ourselves comfortable … Read more

“The biggest benefit is that they counseled us through the FASFA process, helping us receive the lowest EFC for the past three years.”

Our experience with The College Planning Network has helped our family at multiple levels of the college planning process. CPN has helped us make the best college choice for our daughter. Our assets have been retained for our retirement. More grant and scholarship monies were received from her college. The biggest benefit is that they … Read more

“Hiring CPN was one of the best moves we could have ever made”

Hello Rosemary, Thank you for the encouraging words regarding Taylor’s applications and essay!! We will be submitting both applications this week so they are turned in by the deadline. We are just waiting on her counselor to send her transcripts. I just want to Thank everyone at CPN for the assistance, encouragement and outstanding professional … Read more

“CPN was a tremendous help and they even appeared to have fun helping us!”

Sitting in on the free Tele-Workshop made me realize that the college search and the financial preparations were much more daunting than I realized. CPN was a tremendous help and they even appeared to have fun helping us! We created timelines for the college search, and The College Planning Network completed and submitted my FAFSA … Read more

“I found myself saying “this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” There was no “catch”, just a detailed total plan of lowering our Expected Family Contribution…”

As many parents with children getting closer to going to college, we were setting away money for their education, but as we found out, not nearly enough for the astronomical prices that we have now been exposed to. Faced with the fact that our Family Contribution could be as high as $25k per year for … Read more

“They also enabled our daughter to go to Case Western, which was a school we were not even considering due to the high tuition…”

We are a middle class/double income family and we did have some money saved for our three daughters’ college. Like many of you, we anticipated there wasn’t much we could do but pay the bills and take out loans when our savings ran out. But after listening to the advice from the college specialists at … Read more

“They have been very good at listening and understanding our individual family issues.”

I like CPN because I have enough on my plate already. They have been able to give us options that we were unaware existed. I like “think” time and I do not feel pressure to make decisions. They have been very good at listening and understanding our individual family issues. We now have a game … Read more

“We would highly recommend the CPN group for anyone who wants to target the best options for their child’s college experience.”

We have had a very positive experience with CPN, particularly by comparison with our previous attempt to select/fund college by ourselves. Our son selected his college and obtained his aid through his parents’ advice. The school turned out to be an inappropriate choice and a very expensive mistake. Our daughter, two years younger, has benefited … Read more

“…It looks like we will not have to pay anything or take out any loans this year!”

Hi Scott! I just wanted to let you know that we just got the first award letter back for the 2007 and 2008 school year for Breanne and Allison. They have received so much in aid that it looks like we will not have to pay anything or take out any loans this year! I … Read more

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