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Our Client Service Team is the heart and soul of CPN.  We love working with our families through all aspects of the college admissions, funding and financial aid processes.  We strive to make a personal connection with every single one of our families each time they reach out in need of our assistance… or are simply looking for some extra reassurance during this anxious time that everything is on track and is getting taken care of!  The best part of our day is when a parent or student tells us “we could never do this without you!”

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Current Opportunities

Immediate Openings:  full or part-time

Financial Aid Associate

The College Planning Network has an immediate opening for a Financial Aid Associate. This position will be responsible for providing ‘above and beyond’ customer service and assisting our clients in all phases of the financial aid application process.

Primary Tasks

  • Assist in collecting and completing required documents related to college financial aid applications which is thorough, organized and meets all federal and state guidelines
  • Answer questions, inquiries or requests of both parents and students in regards to completing and submitting the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications.
  • Evaluate student financial aid award offers and assist in the appeal process
  • Guide families through CPN parent and student portals
  • Participate in data entry of all financial aid documents

For immediate consideration, please send your resume, cover letter to

College Admissions Associate

College Admissions Associate is needed to join our Admissions Team.  Help high school students navigate the college admissions process.  We have clients across the country who look to us to explain and offer suggestions on the best ways to apply to colleges.  We have expert counseling, essay review and SAT/ACT prep material. This candidate would support our counselors, essay reviewers and internal team by providing assistance with answering client emails, phone calls, and questions about how to use CPNs services.  Duties also include interacting with counselors through email and supporting functions of the admissions process.

For immediate consideration, please send your resume, cover letter to

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A Culture Built on Family.

Here is a sneak peek about the culture at CPN.  We have a great team who strive to deliver WOW service to our families every day and here’s why . . .


I have been at CPN for about 8 years and I like working here because it is a family atmosphere. They understand family comes first which also applies to the families we work with on a day to day basis. I enjoy my job because I know I am helping people navigate a very important but stressful time in their lives. We are privileged to be a part this process and help our students to attend the school of their dreams.


From the day I walked in for my interview, I knew that I could call CPN a home and a family for me. I love to help people and I get to do that every day with our Teams in enrollment, admissions and financial aid. We are one big Team, a family, at College Planning Network all striving to help our clients and their families in the college process.

At CPN we want to be able to be there to help our clients and their families get through what can be a very stressful time. There is so much that goes into the college planning, selection and application process and we are here to help with that. We are here to be the family’s support system as well as a resource in the navigation of the steps in the college selection process.


My name is Mollye and I am an Admissions Team Associate. I love working at College Planning Network because I am able to help families shorten the learning curve on the college admissions process. If I can make someone’s experience a bit easier, I feel fulfilled. I enjoy talking to parents on the phone and helping to ease the anxiety about their student’s future. As a mother of two college graduates and one current college student, I know exactly how it feels to be in their shoes.


College Planning Network is a great place to work not only because they care about their clients, but the company cares about their associates as well. It is a rewarding experience helping someone begin their journey into higher education. As a member of CPN I feel valued, if I have a question or a suggestion I feel those concerns are handled and resolved appropriately. Feeling valued and a sense of accomplishment everyday are things you don’t get at every job, but at CPN you get both regularly.


CPN was the first job that I took after graduating college. I am lucky to have found a place that has not only taught me so much, but also allows me to share my experiences in the collegiate world with other families. I have said many times how much I wish my parents would have enrolled me in CPN services when I was in High School. I have seen first hand how working with CPN can help families make a financially responsible choice about which college to attend and how to pay for it.


The most fulfilling aspect of working at the College Planning Network is the ability to incorporate passion for servicing clients with knowledge on how best to inform them of their choices in the process. Having been an admissions counselor and team lead for the company for many years, I am finding that there are multiple ways of giving families an edge in the admissions process. Whether it be through uncovering an incredible essay topic, creating a unique SAT/ACT study plan for a student, or even walking a parent through how to read an offer from a school, all of it matters. The value in educating is in giving options and not necessarily telling someone what to do. I like that I am able to give options to families to make their college attainment a reality.


Working at CPN means being a part of a dedicated team with the goal of helping families achieve their college and financial dreams. Not only do we help with the college/financial process, we provide extra tools that families need when navigating this stressful process. It’s great helping families get on the right track and seeing their students succeed. Our families are just wonderful and I enjoy working with them every day!


Working at CPN is like spending the day with your extended family. With as much time as you spend at work it’s wonderful to feel like you are with family in the workplace. We spend our days assisting other families navigate the college process. We get to know these families, we laugh with them, we cry with them, we celebrate with them, they become part of our family as well. It can be stressful to get your kids into and through college but knowing that I will have this family to help me through it I know I’m in good hands.


The main thing I like about my job is that everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the way families plan, save, and pay for college and retirement. I feel passionate about helping families prepare their children for college. As a parent of a first-time college student the process was less stressful for me and my family. My colleagues were extremely helpful with the process and were there to answer any of my questions every step of the way. CPN offers many work activities to break up our day and bring the staff together and sociable with each other. By taking part in the activities we are learning more about each other every day. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.


The College Planning Network has been my ‘home away from home’ for almost 12 years. It’s my job to make sure we have the best team delivering above and beyond what’s expected from our families. It can get pretty crazy around here, but in spite of that, you will always find a positive team, family spirit and lots of laughs. It’s refreshing to come to work every day where we all consider each client as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service. We love to hear nothing more than when one of our students can attend their dream school and the process of getting accepted and receiving a favorable financial aid award offer was practically seamless. It’s simply why we come to work every day!


I am very grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to work for CPN. The college process can be a daunting task and most families do not know where to begin or what questions to ask. It is very rewarding to be able to help guide parents and students and there is a real sense of accomplishment when students let us know what college they have decided to attend. My family recently went through the process for the first time with our son, so I can understand feelings of anxiety, frustration and being completely overwhelmed. The knowledge and resources that we were able to use through CPN were invaluable.


As the leading provider of college admission and financial aid services, I am proud to work for a company with such a long history of leadership in the industry. The CPN culture supports learning and development on the job, rewards hard work and
continuously looks for ways to improve and grow the company. In addition, CPN promotes a fun work environment which helps to build the morale among the employees. As a mother of four, with one in college and 3 more on the way, helping families plan, save and pay for college and retirement is very rewarding. Whether it’s helping to alleviate the stress and worry that accompanies the admissions process, helping a student get in to their dream school or helping a family save money, each success story is a reminder of what it means to be an employee of CPN.