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“I found myself saying “this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” There was no “catch”, just a detailed total plan of lowering our Expected Family Contribution…”

As many parents with children getting closer to going to college, we were setting away money for their education, but as we found out, not nearly enough for the astronomical prices that we have now been exposed to. Faced with the fact that our Family Contribution could be as high as $25k per year for 8 years for our two children, we needed to find effective ways to do this without sending us into debt that we couldn’t get out of. We also do not want to strap our children to what could amount to be a lifetime of debt.

We listened to a brief, one hour Tele-Workshop introduction to The College Planning Network. As the Tele-Workshop ended, I found myself saying “this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” There was no “catch”, just a detailed total plan of lowering our Expected Family Contribution, providing us some tax advantages and staying within the agreed upon budget that we had established. The additional ‘perks’ of filling out financial aid forms, working with our children on narrowing down the selection of colleges and essay writing was just icing on the cake!

~ The Anderson Family

“Three short months and success beyond our wildest expectations!”

Dear Mr. Blumenthal:

My wife and I had serious concerns about the formidable task of getting our daughter through the college application process and financing her education. Several months back now, her high school sent home a notice about how to register for one of Mr. Weingold’s webinars. We watched and listened and became more firmly convinced that we were about to enter some very deep water. What we truly appreciated in taking the first step with CPN was its promise to tell us honestly whether the use of its services would be beneficial to us. Are we every glad it decided that it would be.

Our encounter with Rob, who helped us to determine whether CPN was right for us was a very rewarding experience. With the colleges my daughter is considering, Rob showed how, depending on our demonstrable family need, it could cost less to send our daughter to Tufts (MA) than Marquette (WI). Eye opening. Rob helped us realize that our task would be to best position ourselves to have as low a family contribution as possible and that with CPN’s help we would likely be able to achieve that objective.

Enter Gordy. He took our information and almost instantaneously developed a plan that could end up saving us as much as $7,000 per year, if not more. His plan, at least to us, was sheer genius. It reduces our family contribution, provides a vehicle for funding our daughter’s education, increases the potential for merit based aid and protects our asset. Holy Cow!

You have very capable individuals in Rob and Gordy and we are blessed to have the privilege of benefiting from their talents. Please know that we are very pleased with our CPN experience (and our daughter isn’t even in college yet) and can’t imagine how things could be any better. We are so pleased, in fact, that we are recommending your firm’s services to other families that we know – who will have the advantage of getting your help, if they are smart enough to so elect, before their son or daughter is a senior.

Three short months and success beyond our wildest expectations! Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

Mark K.

“…It looks like we will not have to pay anything or take out any loans this year!”

Hi Scott!

I just wanted to let you know that we just got the first award letter back for the 2007 and 2008 school year for Breanne and Allison. They have received so much in aid that it looks like we will not have to pay anything or take out any loans this year! I think we have structured my finances so that we can benefit greatly! I am dumbfounded and very pleased!

Thanks for all your help to get us positioned for this good news! Rebekah and I went to look at a couple schools during spring break last week so the process begins again! I may want you to run some EFC numbers on different schools sometime next year when we have a better defined list for her.

Take Care,
Laurel B.

“We could not have gotten where we are without you.”

Dear Cathy and Joanna,

Laura got accepted to Ohio Northern (which was one of her top choices). No news from the other colleges yet but I know it is still early. We could not have gotten where we are without you. Thank you so much.

Yolanda H.

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